About Us


Our Story

Behind every blueprint you will find an architect, and before Magna Prep came into existence there was Creative Steps. Creative Steps gave birth to an idea by grooming a young male who had just graduated Architecture & Design Charter High School in 2004, who had never thought working with children would be his motivation and purpose in life. However, a job as a counselor grew into him becoming the director of the program. After twelve years of working under Creative Steps Inc., the owner of the company assisted with the transition to the program now called Magna Prep Incorporated. Magna Prep is partnered with the Philadelphia School District, community, and others to assist youth in excelling academically.

Our Vision

“Our vision” is to show others how to use knowledge as a tool to build a foundation with potential for his/her own success.

Mission Statement

“Our mission” is to pave a path that will lead to opportunities for all individuals to have a brighter future with no ceiling. Those opportunities can only be obtained through determination, educating ourselves as well as others, and leading by example to execute excellence. Therefore, our success is measured by our ability to achieve greatness, not for our satisfaction, but for the empowerment our communities.

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